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Wood Newton Control Systems
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Wood Newton have experience of installing, maintaining and upgrading control systems in a range of environments... Read More

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Skilled installation for control engineering projects

Wood Newton Control Systems are able to offer turn-key electrical design, build and installation service for industrial automation and process control projects. From the design stage through to commissioning, our skilled team has hands-on experience and a reassuring track record of excellence.

Working in what are sometimes restrictive, hazardous and difficult environments, we have the skills not only to inspect and test, but also to install our systems and panels with precision. From the Middle East to the North Pole, our engineers have been all over the world to perform control engineering project installation and commissioning.

We have designed, built and installed equipment for many environments, including:

Once installed, Wood Newton Control Systems can carry out training in the operation and maintenance of our equipment to get you up and running as fast as possible.

If you would like to know more about installation or any of our other services, please call 07805 991719.