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We have experience in designing and supplying control systems for mechanized swing bridges for road, rail and waterways... Read More

Wood Newton Control Systems

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Wood Newton Control Systems

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Wood Newton Control Systems’ professionalism in electrical engineering and industrial control systems has lead to a close working relationship with Britain’s leading aero-engine manufacturer. Trusted to work in critical test bed environments, we have installed new cabling and equipment for engine test bed facilities, upgraded and repaired existing facilities and carried out general maintenance to ensure everything is working as it should. Other projects have included the installation of weather stations, test rigs and the dismantling and shipping of electronic test equipment. We have also installed pressure differential equipment and manufactured and installed data collection equipment.

Working in aerospace, we have designed and manufactured:

Our control panels can include a range of features, depending on your requirements. All our components are sourced from the world’s leading manufacturers, for reliability and lasting value. We are the trusted experts in:

Our control panels can be housed in a range of enclosures, depending on your needs. Mild steel, stainless steel and GRP are all available choices, and we can supply either standard or bespoke shapes and sizes of enclosure, along with all your required accessories. Our enclosures can be supplied in a range of finishes, including standard paint finish RAL 7035 and enclosures for indoor and outdoor use can have an IP rating of up to IP68. For safety and security, a range of door handles and locks are available. Wood Newton Control Systems can supply interlocking enclosures for panel suites and also compartmentalized enclosures. A range of access and cable entry points are available.

Please call us on 07805 991719 if you would like to speak to one of our project managers about our capabilities, or if you have any questions.