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Quality assurance at Wood Newton Control Systems

As you’d expect, at Wood Newton Control Systems we take quality assurance very seriously. We consult with our clients at every stage, getting sign-off for all drawings and documentation to ensure complete satisfaction with our proposals, prior to manufacture. Factory Acceptance Testing in the presence of the client is routine for every system build and your complete approval is what we strive to achieve.

We take care only to use the best systems and materials. Creating our technical drawings in AutoCAD, and using suppliers such as Siemens, Allen-Bradley, Telemecanique/ Schneider Electric, Rittal and Mitsubishi, we build robust and high quality control systems for a variety of environments.

All the equipment we build is tested in our workshop for electrical safety. And, as you would expect, we adhere to British Standards Testing.

We work in a variety of industry sectors, from food and beverage to rail transport and are experienced at working to the strict and specific standards these industries require. Along with this, we are proficient and trustworthy with health and safety, carrying out all necessary Risk Assessments and Safe Operating Method Reports. From test bed environments, underground drainage channels and even the North Pole, our engineers are used to safely installing and maintaining control panels in the most hazardous and challenging of places.

However, the thing our clients appreciate the most is our team of expert Project Managers always being on hand to assist with any problems or queries. Please contact us on 07805 991719 to find out more.