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Wood Newton are the trusted choice for control systems and electronic engineering for the chemical and pharmaceutical sector... Read More

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From pick and place robotics to conveyor systems and banding machines to elevators, Wood Newton have extensive experience in this sector... Read More

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We have experience in designing and supplying control systems for mechanized swing bridges for road, rail and waterways... Read More

Wood Newton Control Systems

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Wood Newton Control Systems

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Warehouse and distribution

Wood Newton Control Systems are the experts in control systems for warehousing and distribution centres. Liaising closely with our clients to supply effective solutions, we have worked with a range of equipment, including:

Designing and manufacturing MCCs, operator consoles, control pedestals, control panels and junction boxes, we have worked extensively in the warehouse and distribution sector. Our solutions are designed by expert engineers and use only the best components from the industry’s leading manufacturers.

Our bespoke control panels can include metering options, circuit protection (ACBs, MCBs and MCCBs), fuseswitches, thermal protection and isolators. We work extensively with PLCs, intelligent relays, conventional logic devices, HMI’s Scada, various drives and encoders. Our systems can incorporate UPS, pneumatic control logic and equipment, conventional logic devices including timers, counters, signal convertors, phase failure relays, safety relays, synchronizing relays, earths fault relays and proximity switches.

For safety and reassurance, we can include power factor correction, lightning protection, air conditioning, warning and alarm systems (including SMS text messaging), heating/ ventilation and busbar systems.

We can provide a range of enclosure solutions from the standard to the highly specialized. Depending on your requirements we can supply GRP, mild steel or stainless steel housings, with front or back access and top or bottom cable entry. From compartmentalized enclosures, to interlocking systems for panel suites, Wood Newton Control Systems can source or construct the right enclosure for the job. A range of accessories and a variety of door handles, security locks and paint finishes (including standard RAL 7035) are available. Enclosures can be sourced for indoor or outdoor use, with an IP rating of up to IP68.

Please contact us on 07805 991719 to find out more about our past projects and capabilities in the warehousing/ distribution sector.