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Control systems – our expertise

Wood Newton Control Systems are specialists in process control. Working with a range of high profile clients in a variety of market sectors, we have designed and built complex automation control systems for a wide range of applications. 

We don’t create ‘products’ – instead, our engineers build tailor-made solutions for every project. From complete system designs for new equipment to upgrades or modernization of existing systems, Wood Newton Control Systems have the expertise.

Working closely with you, we produce detailed proposals covering all aspects of a job. We are respected in the industry for finding the best possible solution to a problem using both our knowledge and experience to exceed expectations through innovation.

Our expertise includes specialist knowledge of site and system electrical supplies and distribution, the design and construction of electrical control panels, motor panels, local control panels, operator control consoles and interface signals.

Control systems – the process

Prior to commissioning, we prepare and issue electrical schematics and general arrangement drawings for each control panel, electrical site wiring diagrams and documented internal inspection.

Each electrical control system is issued with a Certificate of Conformity confirming compliance with IEE Wiring Regulations, the Low Voltage Directive, the EMC Directive and the Machinery Directive. Our clients receive all documentation in a Technical Project File containing two printed sets of paperwork and a CDROM.

We have extensive experience designing and building industrial control systems for sectors including food, transport, chemical/ pharmaceutical and utilities. We have also worked on projects for renewable energy, power generation, aerospace, and warehouse/ distribution.

For our client’s reassurance, all control systems are Factory Acceptance Tested at our facility in the Midlands. This gives our clients a chance to witness their system being tested and to inspect the control system prior to commissioning.

Additional services include site support, installation and system integration and onsite training. If you require more information about our specialist control systems, or any of our services, please contact us on 07805 991719.